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2008/2 'Greenwash' is losing its shine
2012/5 Inclusive green growth or extractive greenwashed decay? » TripleCrisis
2012/10Greenpeace, Greenwashing and Geoengineering (#1) | Nathan Currier
2014/1 Greening or Merely Greenwash? by Fred Pearce: Yale Environment 360
2014/12 Threatened by Renewable Energy Fossil Fuel Companies Highlight Their Role in Alleviating Poverty
2015/9 Stunning corporate hypocrisy revealed on climate change - Dina Medland
2016/9 U.S. companies tout climate policies, fund climate skeptics
2016/11 Coca-Cola – Corporate Greenwashing or Genuine Change? – Technology and Operations Management
2016/11 Environmental Steward or Greenwashing Marketer? – Technology and Operations Management
2016/11 Portland’s 100% Renewable Energy Claim Is “Greenwashing”
2017/11 Map Of Climate Shame Reveals Most Of The World Doesn’t Fight Climate Change
2017/12 Greenwashing in the Beef Sector
2018/1 What’s Really “Green” in the Confusing World of Beef Marketing Claims?
2018/2 Greenwashed Timber: How Sustainable Forest Certification Has Failed
2018/8 Investors Are Increasingly Calling Out Corporate Greenwashing
2018/10 New rules to crack down on 'greenwash' in corporate clean energy claims
2019/1 The new elite’s phoney crusade to save the world – without changing anything
2019/2 'We want to prevent greenwashing'
2019/4 'Greenwashing is rampant’, warns chief of global accounting body
2019/8 There’s a big green backlash coming our way
2019/9 Fossil Fuel Greenwashing Invaded A Climate Solutions Conference
2019/10 Corporate America Has Sapped “Green” of Meaning
2019/10 From Greenwishing to Greenwashing – A Growing Business Risk? - GHG and Carbon Accounting, Auditing, Management & Training
2019/10 Total greenwash: Total CEO announces oil company will spend US$100 million a year on forest protection and reforestation
2019/11 “Forest-Smart Mining”: The World Bank’s Strategy to Greenwash Destruction from Mining in Forests
2019/11 Fossil Fuel Subsidies And Impact Greenwashing Are Stalling The Energy Transition
2019/11 How Investors Can (or Can’t) Spot ‘Greenwashing’
2019/11 Students accuse Cambridge university of 'greenwashing' ties with oil firms
2019/12 The Great Recycling Con
2019/12 Villains or visionaries? Hedge funds short companies they say 'greenwash'
2020/1 Microsoft, Google, Amazon – Who’s the Biggest Climate Hypocrite?
2020/2 ‘Competence greenwashing’ could be the next risk for the ESG industry
2020/2 ‘Competence greenwashing’ could be the next risk for the ESG industry
2020/2 Greenwashing Is Going to Get More Expensive: Green Insight
2020/2 The EU’s green deal is a colossal exercise in greenwashing
2020/2 Why ESG is not Greenwashing
2020/6 BP greenwashing complaint sets precedent for action on misleading ad campaigns
2020/10 Exxon’s Plans to Increase Emissions Prove That Green Capitalism Will Never Work
2020/10 More evidence that the Business Roundtable statement on corporate purpose was just green washing
2020/11 Net zero emissions targets are everywhere – we need to sort the genuine from the greenwash
2020/12 As the Livestock Industry Touts Manure-to-Energy Projects, Environmentalists Cry ‘Greenwashing’
2020/12 Exxon Pledges to Reduce Emissions, but the Details Suggest Nothing Has Changed
2020/12 Green hydrogen or green-wash? Industry-led scheme to guarantee origin of supply
2020/12 Will a new EU law help to achieve the climate change targets?
2021/1 Green groups call on Carney to raise concerns over carbon offsetting blueprint
2021/1 The waltzing value of carbon credit prices and greenwashing
2021/2 Are we witnessing the latest, grand attempt of Milton Friedman’s Shareholder Capitalism to greenwish and greenwash itself?
2021/2 How to tell if a company’s ‘net zero’ goals are serious—or just greenwashing
2021/2 Hydrogen is Big Oil’s Last Grand Scam
2021/3 AI can shine digital sunlight on to company greenwashing
2021/3 Bright Green Lies: Explosive new documentary debuts exposing the delusions of green technology in stark detail
2021/3 Global oil companies have committed to 'net zero' emissions. It's a sham
2021/3 Opinion: BlackRock hired me to make sustainable investing mainstream. Now I realize it’s a deadly distraction from the climate-change threat
2021/3 Opinion: Don’t be fooled by ‘net zero’ pledges
2021/3 Scope 3 Reductions Key for Credible Net Zero Strategies
2021/4 A Brighter Shade of Green — Part 1
2021/4 Avoiding greenwashing accusations: Food firms need to get to the roots of sustainability to achieve credibility
2021/4 Corporate greenwashing: "net zero" and "nature-based solutions" are a deadly fraud
2021/4 Corporate net-zero climate goals: 2030 game-changers or 2050 greenwash?
2021/4 Duke Energy’s Green Facade Isn’t Fooling People Anymore
2021/4 Greenwashing and Environmental Advertising Claims
2021/4 How academics are getting to grips with corporate greenwashing
2021/4 Is your 'green' energy tariff actually harming the planet? We explain how firms get away with greenwashing and how to spot a real eco-friendly deal
2021/4 Lundin sells its first 'carbon neutral' oil as climate activism grows
2021/4 Murder Offsets
2021/4 No More Halfsies on Climate
2021/4 On the misuse of nature-based carbon ‘offsets’
2021/4 Overcoming the dual crises of climate change and greenwashing with DigitalMRV
2021/4 Politicians Are Considering Paying Farmers to Store Carbon. But Some Environmental and Agriculture Groups Say It’s Greenwashing
2021/4 Shale Gas Producer Slams ‘Flawed’ Climate Pledges Made by Peers
2021/4 Some Of The Favorite Greenwashing Tactics Of Clothing Companies
2021/4 The carbon footprint sham
2021/4 The Complicity of Corporate Sustainability
2021/4 The Complicity of Corporate Sustainability
2021/4 The trust cost of greenwashing A society without trust
2021/4 The Truth About Carbon Footprints
2021/5 Net zero: despite the greenwash, it’s vital for tackling climate change
2021/5 Shell’s CEO thinks we’re dumb
2021/5 Suncor & ATCO’s New Hydrogen Project Is More Fossil Fuel Hydrogen Hype
2021/5 Sustainable finance is rife with greenwash Time for more disclosure
2021/6 Big Oil wants you to believe a tanker full of fossil fuel can be "carbon neutral"
2021/6 The World Needs Better Climate Pledges
2021/6 UN Greenwashes Shipping with Hopelessly Weak Carbon Efficiency Target
2021/7 Businesses and experts reveal plans for carbon offset regulator
2021/7 European ESG assets shrank by $2 trillion after greenwash rules
2021/7 New 'integrity initiative' launched to tackle greenwashing
2021/7 The truth behind corporate climate pledges
2021/7 When does ‘zero’ not mean ‘zero’? When it’s greenwashing, of course
2021/8 Complicated climate solutions math: How TotalEnergies sold 'carbon neutral' fossil fuel that didn't exist
2021/9 How 'Green' are you? 'Greenwashing' claims scrutinised by regulators
2021/9 Time to clean up greenwashing: How to make climate funds less fancy
2021/9 Top Ad and PR Firms Exposed for Helping Big Oil Greenwash Their Climate Destruction
2021/10 Greenpeace calls for end to carbon offsets
2021/10 Harry and Meghan's Ethic investment firm partnership is highly questionable
2021/10 Leaked documents: Nations pushback against offsetting 'greenwash' claim
2021/11 Big-business greenwash or a climate saviour? Carbon offsets raise tricky moral questions
2021/11 The Troubling Evolution Of Large Scale Corporate Greenwashing
2021/12 Corporations are turning to forest credits in the race to go 'carbon-neutral.' Advocates worry about 'greenwashing.'
2021/12 Focus on ‘Greenwashing’ Claims in New Year of Climate Litigation
2021/12 Suspicion of greenwashing in investments
2022/1 Opinion: 'Net zero' pledges can amount to greenwashing. This is the better way to reduce deadly carbon emissions
2022/1 Sustainable finance: ‘greenwashing’ concerns raised as Hong Kong airport floats US$4 billion bonds package to fund growth, decarbonization
2022/2 Oil firms’ climate claims are greenwashing, study concludes
2022/2 The great greenwashing scam: PR firms face reckoning after spinning for big oil
2022/2 The truth about dirty assets
2022/3 Carney, Kyte oversee carbon offset rules to address greenwashing concerns
2022/3 Greenwashing Is Increasingly Making ESG Investing Moot
2022/4 Global executives suspect their own companies of "greenwashing"
2022/5 ‘Systemic greenwash’: Scientists call on UN to ditch sustainability goals
2022/5 Dear Coldplay, listen to Massive Attack and save yourselves from greenwashing
2022/5 SEC Targets Greenwashing with New ESG Fund Disclosure Rules
2022/6 Bank group accused of exploiting loopholes and ‘greenwashing’ in climate pledge
2022/6 Companies are reporting cleaner electricity. Researchers say it’s a mirage.
2022/7 A new frontier in (Dutch) climate litigation: Greenwashing advertisements on CO2 compensation
2022/7 Fossil gas labelled green in ‘biggest act of greenwashing in history’
2022/7 Three ways you can stop corporate climate insanity
2022/8 Emerging Fraud Risks to Consider - ESG
2022/9 DWS and the Global Crackdown on Greenwashing
2022/9 H&M to adjust or no longer make green claims
2022/10 'Green-hushing' is the new greenwashing
2022/10 48 civil society organizations and networks express “profound concern” that TNFD will assist greenwashing
2022/10 Companies are claiming ‘carbon neutrality’—but what does that mean?
2022/10 Deutsche Bank's DWS sued by consumer group over alleged greenwashing
2022/10 Greenwashing Debunked in 11 FortisBC Gas Claims
2022/10 Is green-hushing the new greenwashing?
2022/10 UK takes aim at company ’greenwashing’
2022/10 What Really Happens When Emissions Vanish
2022/10 What Really Happens When Emissions Vanish - Intel, P&G, Cisco Among Major Companies Exaggerating Climate Progress
2022/10 Why corporate ‘green hushing’ could slow the energy transition
2022/11 Climate pledges put companies in crosshairs of consumer litigation
2022/11 Forget Greenwashing – Whitewashing is what we should worry about
2022/11 Greenwashing Governments and Oil Companies Turned COP27 Into a Climate Disaster
2022/11 How Michelin and its Indonesian partner sidestepped the rules for green bonds
2022/11 Junk Carbon Offsets Are What Make These Big Companies ‘Carbon Neutral’
2022/11 The EU could be about to take a giant step against carbon-neutral greenwashing
2022/12 Dubious green funds are rampant in America
2022/12 Green, Greener, Greenwashing – Green Claims Marketing in the EU and Germany
2022/12 Offsetting aviation emissions is greenwashing if the overall climate impact of flying is not taken into account
2023/1 Greenwashing growing increasingly sophisticated, says Planet Tracker
2023/1 Greenwashing or a net zero necessity offsets
2023/1 How Eco-Friendly Is That Product? Here Are Four Ways to Spot Greenwashing
2023/1 Why we can't stop talking about greenwashing
2023/2 ‘Should send shockwaves’: ASIC sues Mercer Super in greenwashing crackdown
2023/2 Not zero: New report exposes greenwashing in climate plans of top global corporations
2023/2 The big food & drink greenwashing crackdown
2023/3 'Climate neutral' products and companies - Greenwashing or sign of serious action?
2023/3 A ‘greenwashing’ crackdown in Europe hasn’t gone down well. Here’s what you need to know
2023/3 Are carbon credits actually in line with climate mitigation efforts
2023/3 Carbon camouflaging: How corporations are misusing carbon removals to mask their climate inaction
2023/3 Cracking Down on Deceptive Green Marketing Claims – Recent Developments in the US and EU
2023/3 EU Commission prepares to crack down on greenwashing with new Green Claims law
2023/3 EU says ‘not banning carbon offsets’ in greenwashing crackdown
2023/3 European Commission’s failure to ban “carbon neutrality” undermines its green claims strategy
2023/3 Greenwashing crackdown in Europe leaves investors in the dark
2023/3 The problem with the EU’s new greenwashing crackdown
2023/3 The World Is Finally Cracking Down on ‘Greenwashing’
2023/4 "Only in Australia": Glencore greenwash scraps coal mine for even more toxic blue hydrogen
2023/4 Asia and Australia target greenwashing as companies risk penalties
2023/4 Companies facing carbon offset backlash quietly fund their own projects
2023/4 Net-Zero Toolkit: Resources to Spot Greenwashing in the Dangerous Net-Zero Framing
2023/6 Crashing the Greenwashing Wave
2023/8 H&M is Being Sued For “Misleading” Sustainability Marketing. What Does This Mean for the Future of Greenwashing?
2023/9 Don’t Fall For Apple’s Greenwashing
2023/10 Apple Goes a Step Too Far in Claiming a Carbon Neutral Product, a New Report Concludes
2023/12 22 brands called out for greenwashing in 2023
2023/2 Canadian oil and gas industry is lobbying against its net-zero goals
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