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2004/X A Synopsis: Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update
2004/10 Book Discussion: Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update
2010/3 The History of The Limits to Growth
2012/3 The Ponzi Scheme of Perpetual Growth
2012/3 When Worlds Collide
2012/4 Looking Back on the Limits to Growth
2012/4 The Limits of The Limits to Growth
2012/5 Club of Rome has a skeptical take on the future
2012/7 Environmental Alarmism Then and Now
2012/12 'The Limits to Growth': A Book That Launched a Movement
2013/4 Resource Shock: How Resource Scarcity and Climate Change Could Produce a Global Explosion
2013/6 40 years later, time has not been kind to The Limits to Growth
2013/6 End of the World — or Decline of the West?
2013/11 Planetary boundaries, Limits to Growth and the climate debate
2014/1 The Power of Three Words: ‘Not-for-Profit’
2014/6 Scientists Limits to Growth Vindicated - Urge Investment Transition in Circular Economy
2014/9 Limits to Growth Vindicated: World Headed Towards Environmental, Economic Collapse
2014/9 Limits to Growth was Right: New Research Shows We're Nearing Collapse
2014/9 Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we're nearing collapse
2015/6 Growing Growing Gone Reaching the Limits
2015/11 A Conversation with Gail Tverberg of OurFiniteWorld.com - Kunstler
2016/1 No Soil & Water Before 100% Renewable Energy
2016/4 Policies to steer the economy away from disaster
2017/4 Deep sea mining could help develop mass solar energy – is it worth the risk?
2017/5 The Fallacy of Endless Economic Growth
2018/2 Is it possible for everyone to live a good life within our planet’s limits?
2018/8 End of the world: MIT prediction from 1973 is proving true
2018/8 HSBC warns that Earth is running out of resources to sustain life
2018/9 The World is Running Out of Sand – Member Feature Stories – Medium
2018/10 Gloomy 1970s predictions about Earth’s fate still hold true
2018/10 Hans Joachim Schellnhuber paints a picture for the Club of Rome – Jeremy Leggett
2019/8 Japan just found a ‘semi-infinite’ deposit of rare-earth minerals
2019/9 Computing a hard limit on growth: Book review of Growth: From Microorganisms to Megacities by Vaclav Smil
2019/10 Vaclav Smil on the Need to Abandon Growth
2019/10 Vaclav Smil: ‘Growth must end. Our economist friends don’t seem to realise that’
2019/11 Club of Rome: Looking to Africa for solutions to climate collapse
2021/4 New Netflix documentary brings the planetary boundaries to the world
2021/11 Rare Earth Elements: Where in the World Are They?
2022/3 Are there limits to economic growth? It’s time to call time on a 50-year argument
2022/8 “Superabundance” Review
2022/8 Has Everyone Forgotten the Economics of Exhaustible Resources?
2022/8 The Limits to Growth
2022/9 How much more economic growth can the planet sustain?
2023/9 An Economic Case Against Environmental Doomsayers