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Welcome to Jerry’s Brain

I’m Jerry Michalski. My outboard Brain lives here, online. 

New to TheBrain? Watch a quick video to see how it works:

My Brain is represented in a concept-mapping application created by TheBrain, a company based in Los Angeles. (Disclosure: I’m an advisor to TheBrain.)

I’ve been using TheBrain since it first came out in December of 1997, and as of March 2023 have over 534,000 Thoughts (nodes) in this one Brain, interconnected by over 1,120,000 links. All entered by hand, by me. Yes, it’s the world’s largest.

Imagine if the bookmarks you struggle to maintain in your browser were all woven into a rich context, easily accessible and editable. That’s a glimpse of what this is.

Some notes and caveats:

  • All errors are mine, I make no claim of completeness or accuracy.

  • I don’t get rid of dead URLs because the Wayback Machine lets me revive them.<br>
  • I include many links to paywalled sites (alas). You can usually view them by entering the URL at Archive.ph

  • I’d love to hear your comments, improvements and corrections. Email me here, or Tweet me @jerrymichalski

Good starting points:

  • A short screencast of me explaining my Brain. Definitely begin here:

  • Lessons Learned from My Brain as a 30-minute speech:

Thanks for visiting. I hope you found my Brain useful. If you have any ideas on how I could make it more useful to the world, I’m all ears.

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