Teachings of the Buddha

 ~ Teachings of the Buddha ~ 

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Teachings included in this collection:

Note: We should keep in mind that, while an intellectual understanding of the Dhamma is helpful, we must strive to directly realize the truth through our effort in meditation. Let's all be heedful, live virtuously, and practice mindfulness and concentration for the abandoning of ignorance and craving, the attainment of wisdom, and the complete ending of suffering.

I want to express immense respect and gratitude to the Venerables Thanissaro Bhikku and Bhikku Bodhi, who translated the vast majority these passages, and have made invaluable contributions to the English speaking world by making the Dhamma of the Pali Canon accessible, while making it easier to understand by offering wise analysis and commentary.

I will continue to refine this resource. If you have any suggestions or encounter any problems, please let me know (william.rossel.tabla@gmail.com). Any errors are solely my responsibility.

Metta to all. May all sentient beings be happy and well!

William Rossel  

contact: william.rossel.tabla@gmail.com

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