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One of the unique benefits of the Discovery Dialogues and the Thrive Retraining Program is they are both grounded in deep experiential insights into:

  • who we are at a fundamental and essential level and 
  • how neuroplasticity can dramatically change the nature of the human experience.

As such, these insights provide vitally important context for understanding who we are in relationship to the body, mind and emotions with which our identity is usually associated. 

They are also central to reframing our understanding of the body/mind/spirit connection ~ and they provide the foundation and framework for the support Metta provides through the dialogue processes of:

Perhaps most importantly, this approach to understanding the nature of reality and the human experience from an integrated spiritual perspective provides a stronger, broader and deeper foundation for embarking on the neural retraining process than is available in most conventional neural retraining programs.

This unique perspective may also have been one of the most significant factors that contributed to the rapid speed of Metta's dramatic health recovery using her own customized approach to neural retraining.


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