The Regenerative Business Economy Network (regenBEN)

Welcome to the regenBEN Map! This map illustrates the interconnectedness and interdependence of various organizations, businesses, and initiatives that are part of the regenerative  movement.

The regenBEN Map showcases a diverse range of entrepreneurs who are actively engaged in regenerative practices, including regenerative agriculture, sustainable energy, circular economy, social entrepreneurship, and more. It highlights the collaborative and symbiotic relationships between these entities, emphasizing the shared goals of fostering ecological resilience, social well-being, and economic prosperity.

The map serves as a tool for understanding and navigating the regenBEN network, providing a visual framework to identify key players, their areas of expertise, and the connections between them. It offers a comprehensive overview of the regenerative business ecosystem, enabling individuals and organizations to explore potential partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities for collective action.

Overall, the regenBEN Map is a valuable resource for anyone interested in regenerative business practices, sustainability, and building a more resilient and equitable economy. It demonstrates the power of collaboration and showcases the potential for transformative change through a network of interconnected regenerative initiatives.

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